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Useful – ELC Blossom Farm Cot Light Show

Granddad gave Grace this Blossom Farm Cot Light Show from the ELC toy store. It took a few days to remember to get the size C batteries but when we strapped it onto her cot the other night, she went wild with excitement which doesn’t happen very often. She was smiling, giggling and waving her arms around with glee with the bright flashing lights and projector show which rotates on the ceiling above her.

On the toy’s website, it doesn’t have very good reviews from parents because it’s marketed as something to help your baby sleep. I agree that the lights are far too bright and the music is far too loud and groovy to soothe her to sleep, but she sure does love it during the day and for a few minutes at night before bed time. It’s a great, cheap way to build up her collection of sensory toys.

It’s got changing lights (they fade in and out, they’re not blink-y), music that isn’t annoying and a ceiling projector. But the thing that makes it great is that if it gets knocked (which is pretty much the best Grace can do) or she makes a sound the volume of a cry/screech/sqeal then it activates. Which means it’s great cause and effect and the girls can ‘play’ using their voice if they can’t control their hands!

sheri mccue - January 16, 2011 - 1:23 pm

Hi Elizabeth,

I am a special education teacher. Two days ago I was introduced to a gorgeous, beautiful little girl who will be part of my class. Vivian makes 5. Vivian has Retts (STAGE 3). She will be 8 years old in May. I have so enjoyed reading your blog, as I am trying to do as much research on Retts as I can to give little Vivian the very best educational experience I can. Your pictures are wonderful and I especially would like to know if you have suggestions for other sensory toys/items you may have come across recently. I am not sure if you update your blog anymore, it seems to be about a year since you have posted. Thank you so much for sharing this blog. sheri

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