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Help Grace’s family find a home

Grace is a 5 year old girl in England with Rett syndrome. Her family wants to keep her out of care, so the local government is helping to turn her house into a place she can live with her family for the years to come.

This is currently one of the largest builds going on in the region and due to a series of setbacks and mistakes by the council, this has been a whopping 4 years in the making! Thanks to inflation over these years, Grace’s family is now being strapped with a £20,000 bill towards the job.

So now they not only have a gigantic loan to face, but the prospect of moving out for 2-3 months while the work is being done. The council make no provision for this. There is no place to for Grace’s family to go so they need to raise the money needed to find a place to rent in the area.

Finding this place is no small feat in itself. With two large dogs, school, university and work to attend and a profoundly disabled Grace, just finding this place is going to be a difficult task.

To this end, we’re looking to raise the funds that will be needed to rent a house while Grace’s home is being turned into a place where she can continue to live with her loving family.

Will you help?

P.S. Any funds raised over and above (hopeful thinking!) will be put into the building work.

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