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Checklists (a Florida update)

Well, guys…here we are. IN FLORIDA! We’ve been here for 2 months and haven’t updated Grace’s fans. Yea, so…second time doing a transatlantic move. It’s -no joke- the most stressful thing we’ve ever done. And we’ve done it twice now.

We had this huge check-list when we got here and most things are done. Jobs, health insurance, kids in school. We’re still paying for our house and bills in the UK which isn’t fun. Grace still isn’t in school, we’re still living with mom and don’t have a car for Grace.

BUT…we wake up every morning hot and sweaty in paradise so we’re very happy and thankful. To be honest, when we’re basking in the sun, or running for cover in a lightening storm, there are very few things I miss about England.

One thing we really do miss is Grace’s wheelchair vehicle and the freedom that it gave us. We were pretty lucky to have that and are really feeling the weight of not having one here. Grace hasn’t been out of the house in 10 days. We can’t get her anywhere without booking the public bus which has been pretty hit or miss (we were stranded on the highway once for 2 hours because a man riding the bus fell out of his wheelchair!) We live in a darling little town to walk her around however it’s around 90* so she’s quite miserable in the heat. But we know this car she needs will happen someday, somehow.

In fact, we’ve decided to do a GoFundMe to see what we can do about getting Grace access to transportation. It was really hard to choose to do this. I (Elizabeth) personally feel that this is our kid…we just so happen to have a very expensive child…and why should anyone else have to pay for that? But watching her sit inside day after day, missing out on family activities…with no finances in sight to solve the problem…we just have to reach out and see what happens. It’s for Grace, after all, and many people love her. This we know!

PS If you’re an individual or business who would like to make a tax deductible donation you can donate through Gracie Smile (a 501c3) by sending checks to PO Box 770413 Winter Garden, Florida 34787. Just make a note that this is for Grace Halford.

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